Jun 162013

john mayerTickets for John Mayer and other hot shows and sports events in South Florida are offered at discount prices on a bidding site for entertainment and sports events Score Big.

John Mayer performs in West Palm Beach September 28.  Several other hot shows in South Florida are featured on ScoreBig.

ScoreBig sells excess tickets to entertainment events and sports events. Shoppers browse the site and bid on tickets for seats at specific events, with the site telling you what average discount is being accepted before you bid. If your bid is rejected, you can place a new bid.

Extra discounts are available to new customers on orders of up to $300 with our exclusive promo codes. For a guaranteed 35% off, use promo code CHEAP35OFF. Or, if tickets are already going for more than 25% off, On The Cheap readers receive an additional 15% discount at checkout with promo code CHEAP15.

ScoreBig is an advertising partner of On The Cheap.

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