Mar 252015
FPL offers free online activity with personalized money-saving tips

For energy-saving tips that relate specifically to your lifestyle, log on to FPL’s free Online Home Energy Survey. Saving energy may assist homeowners save money on monthly utilities fees. Based on the survey, the online information provides personalized tips and Read More

Dec 092014
Free recycled paint for some Broward residents

Gallons of recycled exterior latex paint in a selection of hues are offered free to eligible Broward residents. Residents are eligible to request free paint if they reside in any of the various municipalities that participate in the  program.  Read More

Jun 042014
Rebates for water-efficient toilets in Broward

Residents of various parts of Broward are eligible for rebates up to $200  for switching out old toilets with high-efficiency, water-saving toilets. To qualify, applicants must receive their water from a utilities provider that is participating in the Read More

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