Jan 262009

Amazon is offering more than 500 free MP3 songs for download. So if you got an MP3 player for Christmas and it’s still empy and dejected, now’s your chance to make it happy.

Want even more free music? Doipodwnload it from YouTube and convert it to MP3 files. Here are the details, courtesy of our friends at www.neworleansonthecheap.com:

With the threat of lawsuits from the Recording Industry Association of America, the demise of Russian pirate sites and the risk of viruses on peer-to-peer sites, it seems as if the days of free music might be coming to an end. Here’s another way to obtain free music with little legal or virus risk: You can find your favorite songs or videos on Youtube.com, then convert them to MP3s to put on your computer, MP3 player or a CD.

It’s an easy process but can be a little time-consuming to download a lot of songs. There are about a dozen ways to do this using a number of sites but this seems to be the best free (and spam-free) option:

1. Find the video of your song on Youtube.com. Be sure to check around and make sure you’ve found the highest quality version available.
2. Go to Keepvid.com and enter the url of your song in the top bar. Click download then scroll down and click on the high quality (mp4) version of your song. The download will start.
3. Once the song is fully downloaded, go to Media Convert. Browse for your file, select the input format (MP4), scroll down then set the output format to MP3.  Below that, you can also rename your file and add the title and artist information.
4. Save the MP3 file to your computer.

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